Holy shit, this story about Bishop Sycamore is spiraling out of control!

A quick recap, Bishop Sycamore is the “high school” that duped ESPN and some of the most prestigious football programs in the nation into believing they were an actual program.  They’re sthick was outed after they lost 58-0 to IMG Academy and ESPN announcers had no idea who the kids were. It turns out the school doesn’t really exist, some players were 19 or 20-years old, coach Roy Johnson had an arrest warrant for fraud, potential players were told they were going to be on Netflix and the list goes on. 

The list really goes on and it now includes allegations of theft, inhumane living conditions, and potentially an attempted murder. 

Complex, link here & here, spoke with multiple players about the allegations:

Using Netflix to get Players

“They told us we was gonna be on Netflix; they recruited us telling us we were gonna be on a show. They told us we we’re gonna be the IMG of the Midwest.”

Aaron boyd via complex

Substandard Living Situations & Stealing to Survive

“Aight, listen to this. This is the crazy shit. This what you wanna hear. I first moved out there, we were staying in a hotel in Delaware (Ohio). We were staying there for, like, five months.”

“We moved into these new houses. For that month and a half, we was all sleeping on the floor. We had to go rob Meijers, Krogers, Walmart, because that’s the only way we can eat.”

Aaron boyd via complex

Complex: They didn’t feed y’all?

Player 2: Like [Aaron Boyd] said, we had to run to Target and just get food.

Player 1: That’s how it works. It may not be stealing, but it’s like, if you don’t have funds.

ANONYMOUS players via complex

Allegations of Theft and Fraud

Complex: I saw that there was allegedly an arrest warrant for fraud charges, so that’s accurate to you?

Boyd: Yeah, that’s accurate. I didn’t know what the warrant was for, but if it’s for writing bounced check’s that’s accurate. This man scammed a whole church. We had funding from a church–that’s how we were doing everything from the beginning.

An Attempted Murder?!

Complex: The last interview I had, Aaron Boyd did say someone got damn near stabbed?

Player 1: There was an incident where… Do you think I should speak on ths?

Player 2: Go ahead.

Player 1: There was an incident where was a homeless dude that tried to break into Roy’s car. That morning, we were supposed to practice, and everyone came out and… There’s videos of this, but I don’t want to release that because many players can get in trouble with the law–but they ended up jumping this homeless man and beating him.

Complex: Wait, so Roy authorized this?

Players 1 & 2: Yes

Via Complex

Wow! This whole thing is quickly becoming about much more than just a bobo football program in Ohio. Stay tuned.

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