Texans- What a dumpster fire….but here we go. There are 4 running backs dividing the snaps and theres no telling who is getting the upper hand. Ingram is too overpriced and don’t like it. Lindsay? Nope. If I had to pick it would be Johnson based on receiving option. Nico and Amendola are both out so that opens up Miller to see more snaps. I dont mind Mills at his price starting QB but be careful. Cooks is seeing a ton of targets and love it but Conley is way too cheap!

untitled image

Panthers- Up top, you can’t go wrong with CMC who needs to find the end zone here for the first time this season, he is almost going 100/100 each game. Darnold has been looking better than expected in which I love the matchup for him. Moore is the better option to me compared to Anderson who has been meh to me. Panthers D is good but overpriced as can be. Dan Arnold is losing snaps but not seeing a ton of targets so he is an fade. Marshall is seeing a ton of snaps and still like his upside in the slot.
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