@dfsprodigy is back to breakdown the Birds versus the Boys on ESPN Monday Night Football! DFS picks, plays, and strategy.


Here we go! Dak is the target I want with Lamb because Coopers ribs are limiting my liking of him. Zeke is the unknown piece I am 50/50 on. I don’t mind his liking but be careful with I usage rate. Pollard is too high priced and passing because his regression is coming soon. The tight ends I am looking at is Jarwin…he saw a decent amount of snaps compared to Schulze. Wilson is seeing great snaps still with lack of targets since Gallup is out.


I am all Hurts based on his rushing upside that he brings to the table. You can’t go wrong with the slight pricing discount. Sanders is splitting carries with Gainwell which scares me for Sanders. I am liking Gainwell to see the red zone touches to vulture touches. Devonte Smith is the main receiver I am wanting given with his connection to Hurts. I am not very high on Reagor. Ertz is too cheap for my liking and love the value compared to Goedert.


Hurts, Jarwin, Smith, Lamb, Dak, Ertz

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