@dfsprodigy is back to break down some of the best DFS plays for week 4 in the NFL!

QB- Mahomes is an bounce back spot but not my favorite. Murray should run all over this Rams defense and love his upside. Stafford is completely underpriced and don‘t mind it at all. Dak is super cheap to me facing an injury riddled Panthers defense now. Cousins is an cheap option and like his upside. Foles starting over Fields this week? Hmm. Allen though is the main guy I am liking to carve up this defense.

RB- CMC will be out so open the flood gates for Hubbard. Possibly no Cook? Alexander time. Najee Harris is seeing massive targets in the receiving field which is all I want! Barkley is way too cheap and in good form despite the tough matchup but like his receiving option. Zeke is super cheap and had an great Monday game. Swift is under 7k and want all of his upside here. Michel saw great looks last week and like the option he gives you. Sermon saw the spot start and don’t mind it. King Henry should make reign here!

WR- Hill hasn’t been the best the past couple games and rather go to Adams in a great matchup. Kupp has been killing it and the price went up but give me all of him still. Hopkins is not in a good matchup so fading more than likely. Jefferson is silently looking great and don’t mind him. Lamb and Moore as run back options in the game? I am liking it! Cooks is getting all the targets and a GPP option. Cooper is way too cheap based on the big play upside. Waddle is getting all the receptions he can get and super cheap.

TE- Pitts trap? Nope not falling for it! Higbee I am all over and love his upside. Geisiki is seeing targets and the matchup is there for him. Conklin is the red zone threat and super cheap. Dawson Knox another red zone threat I love! Firsker is back and Tannehill loves him!

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