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Jalen Hurts Nearly Hit by Falling FedEx Field Stands

Daniel Snyder is doing everything in his power to move the Washington Football Team out of FedEx Field, their home since September 1997. Frankly, he’s right for a quest to get out of that dump. Why? Well, Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Jalen Hurts was nearly killed trying to leave the field after the Birds’ 20-16 win.

Can’t beat ‘em, have your stadium collapse on ‘em.

Thankfully no one was seriously injured in the incident which was reminiscent of a similar malfunction at The Vet during the Army-Navy Game.

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Here’s How the Philadelphia Eagles Can Clinch a Playoff Berth

It’s remarkable to think that the Philadelphia Eagles can clinch a berth in the NFL Playoffs this Sunday. It was only a year ago that the Birds’ were finishing 4-11-1,  on the verge of firing the only coach to lead them to a Super Bowl title, and getting ready for a nasty divorce with the franchise quarterback.

To steal from one of the greatest color commentators of all time, Richie Ashburn, “Hard to believe, Harry.”

Here’s how the Eagles can clinch their first playoff berth since 2019.

Just Win, Baby!

The Eagles need to take care of business against Washington. A loss to the Football Team would make every other scenario null and void.

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New Year’s Resolutions for the Philly Sports Teams

Ah, New Year’s resolutions.

Like the Mummers, it’s a mindless tradition where we try to convince ourselves that we will “be better” during the calendar year. Something like 7% of the people actually go through with their resolutions, the rest of us, we just “screw it” and forget about the gym by February 1.

It’s only fair to create New Year’s resolutions for the four major Philadelphia sports teams. What’s serious and what’s just for fun…that’s for you to decide.

Let’s get started!

Howie Roseman Vows Not to Trade the Birds’ 1st Round Picks and Will Use All of Them

In a break from character, Eagles GM Howie Roseman goes on the record that he will not trade anyone the Birds’ three first round picks. He tells the media that he will use all of them to build the team. Owner Jeffery Lurie and head coach Nick Sirianni aren’t sold and decide to lock Roseman in the broom closet during the draft.

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Friday, December 31 Football Guide, The CFP Semifinals Are Here!

Today is the day, the College Football Playoff semifinal games are upon us. Will Cinderella Cincinnati pull off one of the greatest upsets of all time or will we have more of the same old stuff? Can Michigan finally achieve the greatness they expected when coach khaki pants arrived? These questions and more will be answered tonight!

But first, before the double main event, there’s a double dose of bowl games as an appetizer.

Here’s your football guide for December 31:

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